Sustainable, naturally.

At Ameret, we believe anything worth doing is worth doing right. That’s why we strive to innovate, use, and teach natural, Earth conscience, and sustainable methods to help people live full and productive lives while leaving our planet’s fragile ecosystems better than we found them.

Sustainability is in our nature.



sustainable agriculture with Rhiza Nova

“A must for any hydroponic gardener. Rhiza Nova microbes keep your system regular while increasing yields and reducing the need for reservoir changes. I’m currently working with a 75% water reduction.”


San Diego, CA


Rose's Zucchini

“I use Rhiza Nova microbes in soil gardening. I’m seeing squash flowers earlier than I ever have before. The fruit sets earlier too, and I’ve been able to reduce watering my garden from every other day to twice a week.”


Kansas City, MO

Sustainability is in our Nature.

The workhorse of our product line is something so small it’s importance is often overlooked.

Our agricultural and hydrocarbon remediation products restore the Earth itself to a natural balance, by replenishing the naturally occurring microbes that are essential to life on this planet. 

By rebuilding communities of beneficial soil microbes that have been depleted by the intentional or accidental introduction of petrochemicals, we can restore a balance to the foundation of our most fragile ecosystems. 

Our line of agricultural and hydrocarbon re-mediating microbes not only remove petrochemicals from soil, they provide an essential service to plants by fixing carbon and nitrogen in the soil so plants can use the energy generated through photosynthesis more efficiently.