root cellar™

Rhiza Nova™ Root Cellar™ is a professionally manufactured greenhouse that utilizes the Earth’s free solar energy storage to keep your Root Cellar™ cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter.


Does it work?

Root Cellar™ is based on the Greenhouse In the Snow concept perfected by Russ Finch in Alliance, NE over the last 30 years. Russ has been growing tropical flowers, citrus trees, and grapes YEAR ROUND with an energy cost of about $200/year.

Why root cellar™

Root Cellar™  GEOTHERMAL GREENHOUSE utilizes the geothermal climate control perfected in the frigid Nebraska Panhandle by Russ Finch to keep your energy costs low, and combines that system with a Janco greenhouse system customized to meet your specific requirements. 

Many States are considering (or have enacted) energy restrictions for indoor grow operations. Root Cellar™ is a true greenhouse, and is exempt from these regulations.

Rhiza Nova Root Cellar

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